Here I am at what may be the beginning of a new journey, or what what may be a mid-point in a journey that started a long time ago.

A little about me.

I’ve never been one to go along with the status quo of my surroundings, be it in social settings, in my lifestyle choices, or how with how I choose to learn and teach. I like disturbances. I like to experiment and change things up. And sometimes (ok, maybe usually) I am the one DOING the disturbing, instigating riots and revolts (quietly). Maybe it’s the Libra in me – unable to make a decision, or weighing all possibilities, all stake holders, all students at all times. Nothing seems to be able to “settle” for me. I’m never quite satisfied with life/work and I seem to always be seeking more.

I also really like a good hook up. Not within the dating side of things, of course, as a happily married woman to a great human being (follow him at Holtspeak), that’s not what I’m talking about… but Malcolm Gladwell would say I’m a “connector”. I already involve myself with networks of educators, and with people of similar interests, around the world. I have a fairly extensive PLN and well as personal learning network. I like to hook people up, connect the dots (of ideas) and share who and what I know with others. I’ve been doing this awhile. Sharing, hovering, contributing to others ideas, and in the meanwhile nurturing my own.

This is my happy place.

So, these gifts (perhaps challenges) continues to develop me as a thinker, dreamer, re-brander… always searching for more, better, bigger connections. 21st century learning is my kind of thing. I’m also (somewhat) comfortable with technology and use it more than most, both in my life and in the classroom.

I’m in the zone here. 

Follow along on my journey as a question, critique, ponder, and reflect on current practice, and watch me take risks as I push some personal boundaries and actually WRITE what I think. But you should also know…

I’m both thrilled and terrified. 

Thanks for following WHAT SHE SAYS.